How to Flush and Replace Brake Fluid

Brake fluid isn’t something the average person thinks about too often. The average car owner will check his brake fluid levels when he checks his other fluids but he doesn’t think about it much after that. Believe it or not, you should replace brake fluid on a regular basis in addition to regular auto repair and maintenance. Why You Need to Flush Your Brake Fluid Brake fluid is a hygroscopic liquid, meaning it likes to absorb water. It loves water so much it will even pull moisture out of the air. The problem is that water and your brakes don’t actually get along. The water makes it difficult for your brake fluid to reach a boiling point, which means it won’t work as effectively. The extra moisture can also cause the fluid to corrode the expensive pieces that make up your braking system. Flushing Your Brake Fluid The process of flushing brake fluid from your vehicle isn’t very difficult. The task is usually a two-person job. Start by taking your vehicle on a quick road test, applying t ... read more

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