Yearly Archives: 2016

Driving On A Flat Tire

Can Tires Go Flat From Changes in Air Temperature? — by Shari Coxford What are the odds of getting four flat tires at the same time for no apparent reason? The odds are better than you’d think. Would you know if you were driving on a flat tire or do you just take things for granted when you get in the car? Fluctuations in the outdoor air temperature can cause your tires to lose air pressure. Air expands when heated and it contracts when cooled. This is more pronounced when the seasons are changing and the air temperatures are rising and falling by as much as 50 degrees in a day. Changes in air temperature can cause the air pressure in your tires to decrease, which in turn can cause your tires to deflate. The average loss is 1 psi (pounds per square inch) for every 10 degrees of temperature change. A 50 degree change in air temperature can cause your tires to lose 5 psi of air pressure. If you aren’t checking your tires regularly the loss can add up until your tires are nearly fl ... read more

Car Repair: Tips on Saving Money

If you are like many drivers, you may have regularly traded in your vehicle after several years of ownership to get the latest model. Because of the economic crunch this country suffered several years ago, however, hanging onto your vehicle for a few more years may make more sense financially. Learn about some ways to prolong your car’s life. Regular preventive maintenance is one of the most important tasks that you can do to ensure that your car runs smoothly, and it actually takes only minimal effort and money to do. By referring to your automobile’s service schedule in the owner’s manual that came with your car, you will find the service and replacement schedule clearly spelled out, using either miles or months. One item you should pay special attention to includes flushing the cooling system on a periodic basis, as any unforeseen problems in the radiator could lead to the engine overheating; this would require replacing the entire engine, which can cost several thousand dollars. An ... read more

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