How To Choose an Auto Mechanic

Something in your car is making a strange noise. It’s time to find a place to take your car for some local auto repair work, but you aren’t sure where to start. Choosing a great auto mechanic is just as important as choosing a great doctor or barber – the wrong choice can leave you digging deeper into your pockets for money you simply don’t have. Here are some tips for finding a great auto mechanic.

Ask Around

It’s that simple. Ask your friends and family about their experiences with local auto repair shops. You’ll get quite a bit of feedback, ranging from customer service to price and quality. You’ll learn about places you should check out as well as about places you should completely avoid.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

You can do this with a quick phone call or by hopping online. Enter the name of the shop you’re considering and you’ll find information about complaints filed against the mechanic. Don’t automatically disregard a shop just because there are complaints. Take a look at their dispute resolution practices as well. You may find they really did their best despite a complaint.

Ask about Certifications

While there are a lot of truly talented guys out there, you won’t want to trust your vehicle with anyone who isn’t certified. Don’t just settle for one certificate, either. The more certifications a shop owner has on display, the greater his dedication to quality training and service. Look for certificates issued by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence or by the Automotive Service Association.

Look Online

Do a quick Google search for the shop you are considering. Many people will go online and write about their experiences on review sites. This is another opportunity to get both good and bad details and they may be a little less biased than those from your friends and family.

Stop in the Shop

Don’t be afraid to stop into a couple of local shops to introduce yourself as new to the area. Explain that you’re looking to see who is around in the event you need help and see how you’re treated from the start. Even the busiest mechanic can take a moment or two to introduce himself and make sure you have the contact info you need.

Hopefully you can start your search for services for auto repair in Newark DE before you actually need it. If not, though, take your time and make the choice that is right for you. And remember – the cheapest auto repair service is not always the best.

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