Inspection Diagnostics

Pre-Purchase - Post Purchase - Vehicle Inspection

A basic visual inspection of safety and maintenance items and components.

  • This service covers a basic visual inspection of
  • safety and maintenance items and
  • components. This service is a very good idea
  • before purchasing a used vehicle
  • before selling your vehicle
  • before taking a long trip
  • or after a vehicle has been sitting for an
  • extended period of time. Finally we will provide
  • printouts that include recommended
  • maintenance that might be due by mileage
  • Recalls and a Reliability report. This
  • information can prove invaluable when
  • purchasing a new or used vehicle.

Specific Concern Inspection

A localized inspection for a specific concern.

  • Specific Concerns:
  • Checking for a noise from the engine
  • Checking for a noise from the
  • suspension/wheels
  • Pressure checking the cooling system
  • Checking other fluid systems for leaks

Brake Inspection

An in depth inspection focused on the mechanical and hydraulics portions of your brake system.

  • This is a fairly thorough inspection of the brake
  • system. It consist of a test drive
  • temperature check of each wheel
  • removal of all wheels
  • compressing all calipers ( to ensure no
  • hydraulic issues are currently present)
  • inspection of the inner and outer brake pads
  • ( also covers inspection of drum brake systems)

A/C Function Check



  • Basic test of the general functions of the HVAC
  • system. Test blower motor operation and fan
  • speeds. Test blend door and mode door
  • function. Test vent temperatures. Visual check
  • of the compressor and belt (if applicable)

Trouble Code Retrieval



  • We will retrieve your Check Engine Light trouble
  • codes and advise you of the severity at no
  • charge.
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