Maintenance and Services to Achieve Peak Performance

Everest Automotive Repair provides full-service solutions to keep your vehicle running strong. Whether you are planning your next summit attempt or just picking the kids up from school, we know you rely on your vehicle and your time is important which is why you need a shop you can trust.

Alternators and Charging System

Alternators keep your battery charged and your system at the proper voltage during vehicle operation. A battery warning light is a sign that your vehicle is not charging properly. Weak cranking, battery drains, or charging system warnings are possibly symptoms of an issue with your charging system.

Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Keeping your cabin cool is vital during the hot summer months! We offer A/C system charging and evaluation for R-134a and newer R-1234yf systems. Our A/C Check and Charge service is a full system evaluation to pinpoint any issues with your vehicles A/C. It’s always cold on Everest!

Axles and Driveshafts

Axles and driveshafts link your engine and transmission to your wheels and tires. We inspect these components with every service and offer replacement or repair or serviceable parts when possible!

Brake Service and Repair

Our brake inspection is a full system analysis inspected brake pad and shoe life, drum and rotor condition, hydraulic lines and hoses, calipers and master cylinder function. Bad brakes won’t stop your car but they will stop you from getting where you need to go!

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

The check engine light is a sign that your vehicle has an emissions related issue. These issues can range from minor with no effect on vehicle function to severe problems that ruin performance and can lead to further damage. We offer free code retrieval and can advise you on the next step for diagnosis and repair!

Clutch Repair And Services

You are one of the few, the proud, the manual transmission drivers! We’ve seen them all, and we are here for you! Whether you are nearing 200,000 miles and ready for your first clutch, or your “friend” borrowed your car for the weekend and now things are starting to slip – we can fix it!

Cooling System Diagnosis and Repair

When the check engine light of your vehicle is on, this is a certain sign that something is not right with one or more of your vehicle’s systems.

Drivetrain Inspection and Repair

The drivetrain, which is responsible for transferring power from a car’s engine to its wheels, is one of your vehicles most complex mechanisms.

Electrical Service and Diagnosis

From the battery and lights, to the starter and alternator, the electrical system of modern cars is quite complex.

Engine Maintenance and Diagnostics

If you suspect that your car or truck is not performing the way it should, there’s a decent chance you will know all about it from the computer inside your vehicle.

Exhaust System Service

The exhaust system works very hard to control the harmful exhaust gases that are excreted from a car.

Fuel Injection Service

When you’re driving your car down the road and you notice that it’s lacking acceleration or running sluggishly, this might indicate that a fuel system cleaning or a fuel injection service is needed.

Hybrid Batteries and Service

There’s no doubt that Hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular. They are great on fuel, but they don’t lack in performance either.

Lighting and Bulbs

Your vehicles headlights should brightly illuminate the path in front of your vehicle, so you can get to your destination safely.

Oil Changes and Routine Maintenance

Oil changes are one of the most important services to keep your vehicle on the road. One of the quickest and easiest services you can do to care for your vehicle is an oil change.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

There’s no need for you to rely on luck when purchasing a used car. You need to know the history of the vehicle before you make that big decision.

Radiators, Water Pumps, and Thermostat Repairs

When you are driving your vehicle, there are certain parts of your engine that create friction and that same friction generates heat.

Steering and Suspension Service

When you are on the road, the steering and suspension system of your vehicle is what helps you stay in control. The entire weight of your vehicle is carried by your shocks and steering system.

Timing Belt and Chain Replacements

Our auto repair shop is the best option for you when you are looking for a timing belt replacement.

Tire Replacement, Repair, and Service

The certified technicians at our repair shop are experts in providing high-quality tire services, including wheel alignments, tire installations, tire balancing, tire rotations and tire inspections.

Transmission Service, Diagnostics, and Repair

If you want your car to be in top shape, you have to a good care of its transmission system. Therefore, when your transmission begins to fail, you must get it repaired as quickly as possible.

How We Work

Our Working Process

All repair and maintenance services are performed by certified technicians. Everest Automotive Repair works with integrity, always aiming to exceed customer expectations.